Marble Art Decoration is a professional company specializing in the production of the highest quality products from natural stones. We are creating unusual solutions. Our experience and passion give us unlimited possibilities in creating interiors with the use of stone. The latest treatment technologies allow us to ensure continuous, excellent quality of our products. Stone, like no other material, is associated with luxury and prestige. Exclusive interiors cannot do without marble and onyx. The magic of time and nature enchanted in this material cannot be replaced by anything else. Marble is a unique, used from time immemorial material, being a synonym of the royal style in itself. It belongs to the most noble building materials, and its use in interiors gives them the characteristics of toned elegance and tasteful classics. Marble Art Decoration meets even the most exaggerated wishes.

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Address: Nowogrodzka Street 50/54/A, 00-695 Warsaw, Poland